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Aviation Fuel

  • 6.563/gal Jet A
  • 9.738/gal 100 LL

Heating Oil

  • 3.82/gal Dispenser Self Serve

Gulkana Airport Fuel

High Quality Aviation Fuels & Pilot Services

The Gulakana Fuel Airport Facility and pilot lounge is a self-service facility open for service 24/7. Please call ahead for any high volume or single point refuels and special needs or requests – we will be there, ready to serve. We accept all major credit cards, US Government AIR Card, Multi Service, and accounts utilizing a Gulkana Fuel proprietary card with approval.

Gulkana Fueling station at the airport.


  • Jet A
  • 100LL
  • Heating Oil

Low and high volume dispensers available with standard Jet fuel opw 295 refuel nozzle and/or single point refuel connection system.

Remote delivery and storage systems also available on request.

Cool young pilot and happy young woman sitting in cabin of private airplane.

Pilot Services

When your flight plan takes you through or to the beautiful Copper River Basin, the Gulkana Fuel Aviation fuel station and pilot lounge is your comfortable refueling and inviting rest stop. Safely and conveniently located at the west end of the Tarmac at the Gulkana Airport near Glennallen, Alaska, Gulkana Fuel is committed to providing quality aviation products, service and value.

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Gulkana Fuel

24 HOUR Emergency Fuel Delivery
Gulkana Airport Information


P.O. Box 254
Glennallen, Alaska 99588

Located at the Gulkana Airport
Mile 118 Richardson Hwy
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