Gulkana Fuel at the airport with plane on the runway.

Pilot Services

Cool young pilot and happy young woman sitting in cabin of private airplane.

When your flight plan takes you through or to the beautiful Copper River Basin, the Gulkana Fuel Aviation fuel station and pilot lounge is your inviting and comfortable refueling rest stop. Safely and conveniently located at the west end of the Tarmac at the Gulkana Airport near Glennallen, Alaska, Gulkana Fuel is committed to providing quality aviation products, service, and value.

Airport & Pilot Lounge

  • Airplane Parking
  • Airplane Maintenance & Repair
  • WiFi Internet Access
  • Computer & Printer/Copier
  • Bottled Water, Coffee, Drinks & Snacks
  • Restroom with Shower
  • Dining Table & Lounge Area
  • Streaming Video TV
  • Ramp Side Vehicle Access